Network News

Network News is the newsletter for supporters of Farm Radio International. It provides important updates about our work, the people who make it happen and the many farmers who are helped as a result.  You can receive Network News at your doorstep by making a donation to Farm Radio International, or access electronic versions of latest issue and back issues here at any time.

Latest issue: Summer 2014

In this edition of Network News, learn about Farm Radio International’s unprecedented poll that helped thousands of small-scale farmers share their opinions and needs with policy-makers, how a radio program inspired a much-needed agribusiness, and about the impact of the FarmQuest reality radio program. The newsletter also profiles two long-time donors and volunteers, Duncan Bury and Louise Atkins, and their reasons for supporting our work. Finally, we invite you to have your say in renaming our newsletter, which is getting a face lift ahead of the next edition!
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