Farmer Program e-Course

Farmer Program e-Course
Farmer Program e-Course
Farmer Program e-Course

Farm Radio International has been offering distance education programs since 2007 on scriptwriting and participatory research. Part of this program is an 11.5-week free online training program first offered in 2011 in partnership with  Commonwealth of Learning (COL).  This program walks broadcasters through the steps involved in actually designing and creating a farmer radio program from the ground up.

This 11-week course focuses on designing a regular (daily or weekly) farmer program to serve small-scale farmers in a station’s listening area.

Through the course, participants learn:

  • What makes a farmer program effective
  • How to create a purpose statement for your farmer program
  • How to identify the audience for your program
  • How to identify farmer needs that radio can serve
  • How to present various kinds of information
  • How to develop programming on issues of importance to farmers
  • How to use stories to make your program entertaining and educational
  • How to choose and use appropriate radio formats
  • How best to serve both women and men farmers
  • How to design a structure for your program
  • How to keep your program interesting
  • How to determine what resources your farmer program needs and where to find them
  • How to gather audience feedback for ongoing program evaluation and improvement

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