Grace Amito from Mega FM, Uganda, wins the 2010 George Atkins Communication Award!

Grace Amito from Mega FM, Uganda, wins the 2010 George Atkins Communication Award!

Ms. Amito was part of the Mega FM African Farm Radio Research Initiative team which produced very popular participatory radio campaigns on honey production and cultivating fruit trees that bees need for honey making. She has also been a Farm Radio International scriptwriter and produces a market price program on Mega FM twice a week for farmers in her region.


I am extremely delighted to receive the news that I have won this prestigious award.  The award has increased my love for the program –The Farmers and Animal World – and for the farmers too. They have become part of my family and my life.


In addition to the program The Farmers and Animal World that she hosts, Grace, along with her fellow broadcasters at Mega FM, used radio broadcasts through 2004 to 2006 to facilitate peace talks that helped end the war in northern Uganda.


Grace Amito is a highly deserving recipient of the George Atkins Communications Award. She is a skilled, courageous, and creative broadcaster, highly committed to helping small-scale farmers in northern Uganda rebuild after years of civil conflict. We are proud that she is a partner in the Farm Radio International community.

Kevin Perkins, Executive Director, Farm Radio International


Congratulations Grace!


To read Grace’s script, Market News from Mega FM click here.

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  1. A Ketty
    on Nov 9th at 6:12 am

    I knew Amito Grace will one day make it internationally. i am a student at Gulu University offering agriculture, i have been listening to her programs Amito is down to earth specially when she is on air,she has done more than the district agricultural officers. Most farmers are glued to her programs because of her consistency good follow up

  2. Adera Katy
    on Nov 10th at 11:22 am

    Grace you are a harding working lady and you deserve this. You are an inspiration to all of us. Congs dear.

  3. Orisa Raphael Jawino
    on Nov 17th at 6:48 am

    Grace Amito is one of the committed radio presenters i have ever come across in the country. She is such a focused, creative and determined person who really loves what she does. If there is any person who will keep her listners glued to their radios with high hope of breaking through in life, then Grace is one.

    To me as a person who works and promots agribusiness development in uganda, It’s not supprising therefore that Grace has emerged as the 2010 world winner of George Atikins Communication Award. From my encounter with her on several of the numerous programs i have had in the country, Amito positions herself as a very deserving person to be rewarded for her effortless service to the community of Northern Uganda

    To me, this comes as a challge for her other collegues to emulate and show dedications at equal measures of whatver they do. They should not view their work as a requirement but rather a service to the population.

    Information denied is rights denied, thus team work for community services is what Grace Amito has reaped from. I encourage her to ursher in a new brand of generations that will emulate her work and to the users to really apply the informations they receive.



  4. Stephen Oola
    on Nov 17th at 2:05 pm

    Grace this Award is long overdue. Well, finally and i am happy. Having worked with you and all the incredible team at Mega Fm, i always wonder how journalists and media houses are fronted for awards when mega fm and you folks who fought so …hard, through thick and thins to get the message out there to people who listen. Mega played a big part to the current stability in northern Uganda. You Grace and Innocent, Steven and Lacambel, Juma and Justine, not forgeting David Okidi all won my awards. I know you are inspired even without the awards, but use this award to re-energise yourself to even do more. I, and in say We are proud of you. CONG

  5. David Rupiny
    on Nov 17th at 3:22 pm

    Congratulations Grace, you make me proud and thank you very much for contributing to the rebuilding of northern Uganda.

  6. Agnes Asiimwe
    on Nov 17th at 5:55 pm

    Hey Grace,

    Many many congs and wish you many more awards because you deserve them!

  7. Charles Odongtho
    on Nov 18th at 12:38 pm

    Congratulations my sister. Probably this explains your long quiet since our Addisababa days. Congratulations! Now we are waiting to feast on the money. You know us Africans,don’t you? The toiling is for you alone but the feasting is for us all..hahaa…
    5 hours a

  8. Dixon Tunateh Penie
    on Nov 23rd at 10:45 am

    Congratulations Grace!
    You have done remarkably well, it is very hard to see women nowadays engaging into agricultural reporting but you have opened the way for other female journalists to follow.
    You are a real multicultural lady!!!

  9. Pastor Lajul Gabriel
    on Nov 30th at 4:15 am

    Congratulations. Keep it up with the farmers, bringing to them appropraite technology. Apwoyo

  10. Hellen Mshilla
    on Nov 30th at 7:26 am

    Hi Grace
    Conratulations for the award. Are you still in Mega? God Bless you.

  11. Sharron Clemons
    on Dec 21st at 8:21 pm

    Grace you are a harding working lady and you deserve this. You are an inspiration to all of us. Congs dear.

  12. kilama john
    on Mar 3rd at 9:51 am

    thank you lot for the hard work you are doing to Acholi and Africa at large,may God almighty keep you and give you the power to do you work successfully and succeed your dream,hope you will be fine,
    God bless you

  13. Lapoti Richard Oola
    on Apr 19th at 11:07 am

    Thumps Up! Grace. Keep it up.
    Apwoyo tutwal


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