Projects: Tanzania

National and international research centres are constantly developing and improving an array of climate-smart and nutrition-sensitive farming practices. […]

Her Voice on Air

Local radio programs, designed with women in mind, can increase harvests and incomes for women farmers. In this project FRI will work with broadcasters and women’s listeners groups to build the skills of women so they can contribute to farm radio programs.

Beans are commonly grown and eaten in Northern Tanzania, but their productivity could be enhanced if farmers had […]

Harmonized standards for growing and processing cassava and potatoes

Five East African countries have introduced harmonized standards for growing, harvesting, drying, sorting, bagging and processing cassava and potatoes.

Listening Post

Knowledge is power, but policy-makers often focus on what they should tell  farmers instead of what they need […]

In the Mtwara and Lindi regions of Tanzania, 87 per cent of farmers are dependent on rain-fed agriculture. […]

Cassava is a great staple crop, growing well despite long dry periods. It is also highly nutritious,  its […]

This project is part of the Her Farm Radio initiative While all FRI projects are designed to be […]

Resilience can come in the form of improved seed varieties, the use of compost to increase soil fertility and effective pest management techniques. It can also come in the form of improved post-harvest techniques and access to new markets so farmers can achieve better value for their hard work.

More than ever, farmers, and female farmers in particular, need access to relevant agricultural information to help them meet the nutrition and food security needs of their families and communities. It is also important that farmers have a stronger voice in directing future agricultural research and policies so they are more demand-driven.