Circle of Producers

The Circle of Producers is a unique group of caring Canadians who have each donated a total of $1,000 or more to serve African smallholder farmers through the powerful medium of radio. Thanks to the Circle of Producers, broadcasters throughout sub-Saharan Africa have been able to provide smallholder farmers and their communities with practical, low cost solutions to meet their farming challenges, to provide information relevant to their community, and to address health and human rights issues.

Why Producers? Farmers around the world and in sub-Saharan Africa are producers – growing crops and raising livestock to feed themselves, their communities, and the planet. Radio broadcasters in Canada and Africa are also producers – offering powerful radio shows that meet the information needs of their listeners. And Farm Radio International supporters who, over the years, have donated over $1,000 cumulatively are also producers – enabling us to create services that help African broadcasters meet the needs of smallholder farmers.

The Circle of Producers is our way of recognizing and honouring exceptional commitment to Farm Radio International.

Circle of Producers will receive our annual report, our newsletter Network News and invitations to local and regional Farm Radio International events.

To find out how YOU can become a member, please contact Brenda Jackson at or 613-761-3646.