Voices newsletter

Voices newsletter is distributed to broadcasting partners with each package of radio scripts. It provides information and resources related to each package theme, includes broadcaster training articles, and offers a forum for partners to share experiences and lessons learned.


January 2015PDF Icon Aquaculture: the value chain
September 2014PDF Icon Cassava-The post-harvest value chain
March 2014PDF Icon Groundnuts-The post-harvest value chain
October 2013PDF Icon Growing groundnuts
May 2013PDF Icon Growing cassava
December 2012PDF Icon Researching and producing farmer-focused programs
December 2011PDF Icon Participatory Radio Campaigns and agricultural co-operatives
April 2011PDF Icon Healthy Communities
November 2010PDF Icon Water Integrity 
July 2010PDF Icon Soil Health
April 2010PDF Icon Smallholder Farmer Innovation
December 2009PDF Icon Farmers Adapting to Climate Change
July 2009PDF Icon Livestock Health
April 2009PDF Icon The Benefits of Caring for the Environment
December 2008PDF Icon Water and Sanitation
September 2008PDF Icon The Cultivation of Rice in Africa
August 2008PDF Icon How Radio Organizations Can Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Change
March 2008PDF Icon The Work of Farming
November 2007PDF Icon Rural Women and Girls have Distinctive Health Issues
August 2007PDF Icon Networking to Meet Partners’ Needs
March 2007PDF Icon Finding a Niche for Specialized Crops and Livestock
November 2006PDF Icon Increasing Post-Harvest Success for Smallholder Farmers
July 2006PDF Icon African Broadcasters Write Award-winning Radio Scripts Featuring the Millennium Development Goals
March 2006PDF Icon Combating Desertification in Sub-saharan African: Who to Contact
October 2005PDF Icon Trees Hold Down the Soil and Keep Back the Desert
June 2005PDF Icon Tapping Into Farmers’ Traditional Systems of Forecasting Drought and Other Environmental Change
March 2005PDF Icon Agroforestry in Africa
January 2005PDF Icon HIV/AIDS and Food Security
September 2004PDF Icon Integrated pest management strategies for farmers
June 2004PDF Icon Farm radio network celebrates 25 years
March 2004PDF Icon Gender and nutrition
December 2003PDF Icon A world fit for children
September 2003PDF Icon Celebrating farmers’ creativity and innovation
June 2003PDF Icon Rebuilding rural lives and livelihoods
March 2003PDF Icon Broadcasting post-harvest & marketing information
October 2002Promoting nutrition and health
July 2002Radio, a tool for disaster prevention and recovery
April 2002Controlling the spread of animal diseases
January 2002Radio programming on HIV/AIDS
October 2001Role of radio in farmer-scientist collaborations
July 2001Local knowledge for local radio
April 2001Radio in support of rural youth
January 2001Using sound effects to enhance radio programmes
October 2000Women in agriculture, women in the media
July 2000Biodiversity contributes to food security
April 2000Agroforestry for the small farmer
January 2000Water, our precious resource
September 1999The transition to sustainable organic agriculture
November 1998Linking environmental quality and rural health