Special Resources

From time to time Farm Radio will release special resources for broadcasters.  These are documents that have a special significance to our work with radio broadcasters across Africa.  Often these are works in progress and we welcome you to help us make them better.  If you have any comments or additions to the below resources please send them to info@farmradio.org

Farm Radio Resource Packs

75 Ways to fix your farmer program

Radio, more than any other medium, speaks the language of farmers. Farmers count on radio to provide the information they need, when they need it. Too often, radio lets farmers down. Farmers tune out when the most important information isn’t there or when lectures by professors, politicians and promoters drown out farmers’ voices.  We are publishing a list of tips for broadcasters who want to improve their farmer programs starting right now!

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Doug Ward explains how to fix your farmer program

Watch Doug Ward (Chair of the Board of FRI) explain how Farm Radio International came up with the 75 Ways document and how you can help make it better. This video was taken for the 2012 Ghana Farm Radio Symposium in Accra.