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If your radio station is in sub-Saharan Africa and you wish to benefit from the resources and training opportunities we make available, please fill in the participation agreement and send it to us by email, by mail or by fax.
We make the following resources available to our broadcasting partners free of charge.

Farm Radio Resource Packs

Farm Radio Resource Packs

Farm Radio Resource Packs consist of scripts and information documents on a variety of agricultural and rural development topics, as well as training documents for broadcasters. We send these, free of charge, in English and French, to our partners in sub-Saharan Africa, where they are adapted to local conditions, translated into hundreds of languages, and broadcast to a potential audience of several hundred million people.

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Farm Radio Weekly

Barza Wire

Barza Wire is a unique weekly news service that shares stories about African small-scale farmers. Barza Wire also features events, opportunities, and resources for broadcasters.

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Online Learning

Farm Radio International offers an e-learning module on the VOICE standards for effective farmer radio programming. It is designed to help broadcasters master the fundamental ingredients for a radio program that farmers will want to listen to! To access the module, please use username friguest and password 1Farmradio at the link below.

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Farm Radio Resource Packs

75 Ways to Fix Your Farmer Program

Radio, more than any other medium, speaks the language of farmers. Farmers count on radio to provide the information they need, when they need it. Too often, radio lets farmers down. Farmers tune out when the most important information isn’t there or when lectures by professors, politicians, and promoters drown out farmers’ voices.  This is a list of tips for broadcasters who want to improve their farmer programs starting right now!

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