World Radio Day

For over 100 years, radio broadcasting has been touching the lives of its listeners, sharing important information, breaking news events and starting conversations. In the digital age, the way radio is produced, shared and listened to is changing. Yet radio continues to have an incredible impact on its listeners.

UNESCO has dedicated February 13 as World Radio Day – a day to mark the impact of radio. On World Radio Day, join us for a conversation about change in the world of radio – how radio is adapting to new technology and how the new age of radio is changing the world.

This discussion will be hosted by CBC’s Piya Chattopadhyay, with Nora Young (host of CBC’s Spark), Katie Jensen (producer of CANADALAND) and Doug Ward (chair of the board of FRI and a founder of CBC’s As It Happens).

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This event is co-hosted by Farm Radio International and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, in partnership with NCRA and CHUO 89.1 FM.

A huge thank you to McMillan Agency for hosting the inaugural UNESCO World Radio Day panel event BOOM BOX.

Our panel

Piya Chattopadhyay

Piya Chattopadhyay is a familiar voice on CBC Radio and has hosted numerous shows including The Current, q, The World at Six and Toronto’s morning show, Metro Morning.

Chattopadhyay has also worked as a guest host for TVO’s The Agenda. Additionally, she spent more than a decade in the field as a news reporter here in Canada, and she has reported from abroad on numerous assignments for CBC in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, India, the U.K. and France, and many other countries.

In 2007, Chattopadhyay decided to take on a new adventure and moved to Jerusalem for three years where she first freelanced for CBC, PRI and the BBC, before taking on the role of Middle East Correspondent for Fox News Radio.

Chattopadhyay will host a new show for CBC radio set to launch in 2016.

Nora Young

Nora Young is the host and the creator of Spark, CBC’s national radio show and podcast about technology and culture. Spark looks at the cutting edge of technology with an eye to understanding how it is changing our work, our relationships, and our culture. She was the founding host of the CBC Radio show Definitely Not the Opera, where she often focused on new media and technology.

As a journalist, author, and speaker, Nora explores how new technology shapes the way we understand ourselves and the world around us. Current research interests include: the Networked City, the Internet of Things, and the use and abuse of data. Her book, The Virtual Self, on the explosion of data about our behaviours, opinions and actions, is published by McClelland and Stewart. Nora blogs at The Sniffer, her indie podcast with her friend Cathi Bond, recently celebrated its ten year anniversary. Her favourite technology is her bicycle.

Katie Jensen

Katie Jensen is the producer for CANADALAND – an independent, crowdfunded news organization that makes Canada’s only media criticism podcast, hosted by Jesse Brown. She and Brown are currently developing an arts & culture podcast set to launch in spring/summer 2016.

For the last five years, she has been a music show host at 93.3 CFMU in Hamilton. Her show, Indie-licious, first aired in December 2009 as an early morning broadcast and has evolved into a one-hour iTunes podcast and on-air broadcast. She explores underrepresented experimental, ambient and avant-garde releases from Canadian and international artists.

In Toronto, Jensen has remained heavily involved in the local music scene, writing for her blog Music Between Friends and covering various concerts and festivals such as NXNE and CMW. She also programs music for Feast In The East, a monthly music, food and art installation series. There, she writes music reviews and helps run Wyrd Distro, a not-for-profit record distribution service for experimental, DIY Canadian artists.

Doug Ward

Doug Ward worked for the CBC for 28 years as a radio producer, station manager, regional director and vice president. He was on the team of producers that started CBC Radio’s long-standing program As It Happens. Later, he directed CBC’s northern operations, emphasizing the recruitment and training of native northerners.

Since 1988 he has served on the board of Inter Pares, a Canadian international social justice organization. He joined the board of Farm Radio International in 2001, and has been chair of the board since September 2002.

Ward is also the recipient of the 2015 Order of Canada for his important contributions radio and food security.

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