Our mission

We support broadcasters in developing countries to strengthen small-scale farming and rural communities.

Our goals:

To provide and exchange practical, relevant and timely information for use by our broadcasting partners (community, public and private radio stations, farmers associations, productions houses).

To enhance the ability of our broadcasting partners to serve the interests of small-scale farmers and their communities and to ensure food security.

Our values:

1Equitable Development:
We encourage social and economic change that is beneficial to small-scale farmers and farming families and that is gender inclusive and respectful of cultural diversity.

Community Self-Reliance:
We encourage community self-reliance and control of local development. We respect local cultures and the voices and decisions of farmers and their communities.

Sharing Knowledge:
We encourage innovation and shared learning by exchanging knowledge.

4Use of Media:
We support the use of radio and its integration with new media technologies to ensure that knowledge is shared with the widest appropriate audience.

We collaborate with a diverse range of broadcasters and other stakeholders to make our work effective.

6Integrity and Solidarity:
We encourage journalistic activity that is characterized by accuracy, fairness and balance. We defend media freedom.

7Environmental Sustainability:
We support practices, policies and technologies that promote sustainable and equitable development. We promote the conservation of natural resources and bio-diversity for the benefit of all.

8International Solidarity:
We favour trade and aid policies that support the efforts of small-scale farmers to create sustainable rural livelihoods