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Photo courtesy of World University Service of Canada

Keeping girls in school in Kenya

In many places around the world it is difficult to be a girl. In some areas, cultural attitudes limit access and support for their education. Girls often have more chores and less time for school, and poverty, societal attitudes and poor performance push them to drop out at much higher rates than boys. Not surprisingly, the situation is even worse for girls in refugee camps.

Education can be a ticket to a brighter future. World University Service of Canada and Windle Trust Kenya are promoting education for girls by building girl-friendly learning environments and supporting girls’ education in the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps in Kenya, as well as the nearby communities of Turkana West and Fafi-Lagdera.

Promoting girls’ education also needs support from the wider community, which is why Farm Radio International has partnered on this project. This year we started working with Dadaab FM on a radio campaign to generate awareness of and support for girls’ education amongst parents and broader communities.

Learn more about this project.

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