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Linking Ghanaian farmers to a lucrative new market: the WFP

The Purchase for Progress (P4P) program provides surplus-producing small-scale African farmers with the opportunity to sell a portion of their harvests to the World Food Programme (WFP) for its relief, school feeding, and safety net programs.

Through this innovative program, Ghanaian farmers can access a new market for their crops while at the same time providing valuable food reserves for distribution by WFP in times of need. It also marks an exciting shift for WFP, which previously sourced all food from North America and Europe.

Farm Radio International is developing farmer-led participatory radio programs that educate farmers on how to meet the quality standards and quantity levels required by the P4P program. Through these programs, 200,000 small-scale farmers will learn how to sell surpluses to WFP and other interested buyers in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Learn more.

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