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Radio for farmer value chain development

Food security remains a serious challenge in sub-Saharan Africa. Small-scale farmers, comprising the large majority of people in most African countries, are among the most vulnerable to hunger, despite the fact they typically produce 70 per cent or more of the food supply. Many factors contribute to this problem, but foremost among them is lack of knowledge and understanding of the value chain(s) they participate in. By choosing the right planting materials, harvesting at the right time, processing and storing produce carefully and knowing how to negotiate with buyers, small-scale farmers can cultivate more food for their families and generate more income from the produce they sell.

The ultimate objective of this new project, funded by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, is to increase the food and financial security of one million small-scale farmers and their families in sub-Saharan Africa. We will use radio to help farmers gain more value from small livestock in Ghana and Mali, from legumes in Ghana, Mali and Malawi and from cassava in Tanzania. We are working with farmers, radio stations and other partners to carefully research, plan, produce and broadcast one or two Participatory Radio Campaigns per country, each focused on a specific value chain. Learn more.

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