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Demand-driven Participatory Radio Campaigns (PRCs)

More than ever, farmers, and particularly female farmers, need access to relevant agricultural information to help them meet their families’ and communities’ need for food and good nutrition. Although an increasing number of female farmers have access to radio and mobile phones, it is still difficult for them to access the knowledge and identify the opportunities they need to produce more and better food. Radio provides a space where men and women can interact and address these challenges together.

This new project, made possible through a grant from Irish Aid, actively engages women farmers, encouraging them to express their needs for information about nutrition and climate-smart agriculture, and linking them with relevant research, inputs, services and markets. Through interactive PRCs in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda, male and female farmers can access information, evaluate it, pose questions and listen to other farmers’ experiences. Farmers are encouraged to make an informed decision to try a new technique — and are then supported to implement that decision through timely and accurate information. Learn more.

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