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Integrated mental health in Malawi

Adolescent depression is a significant issue around the world, and Africa is no exception.

Through this new project, made possible with a grant from Grand Challenges Canada, we are applying our expertise in agriculture and food security to the field of mental health. In collaboration with a number of mental health experts, we are developing a youth-driven radio campaign in Malawi to raise awareness about depression as an illness, reduce stigma and improve the health-seeking practices of youth who may be suffering from mental illness.

The mental health radio series incorporates a mini-drama for teenagers into a broader show that uses a variety of formats and entertainment features. Nkhawa Njee – Yonse Bo (Chichewa for Depression Free, Life is Cool) draws on new mobile technologies, text messaging platforms and interactive voice response to enhance the ability of youth to develop content and give ongoing feedback. Learn more.

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