Climate change

Climate change: Helping farmers adapt

Climate change is a growing challenge for Africa’s farmers, who are especially vulnerable to its impacts. It can mean unexpected flooding or drought, and seasons that don’t start and stop when they used to. However, radio can give farmers the information and tools they need to adapt and become more resilient in the face of a shifting climate.

To help small-scale farmers deal with this pressing issue, we are working on two projects in northern Ghana, the region of the country that is both the most poverty stricken and the most prone to adverse weather conditions.

The first project, made possible through the support of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, helps farmers gain access to climate change information, encourages climate-smart agriculture to increase productivity and aims to reduce the impact that climate change has on women’s livelihoods. Learn more.

The second project, funded by GIZ, uses participatory radio programming in two local languages to broadcast information about climate change adaptation. It also integrates new information and communication technologies like text messages and interactive voice response to complement the impact of the radio broadcasts. Learn more.

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