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We support broadcasters in developing countries to strengthen small-scale farming and rural communities.
We work in three areas: Impact Programming, Broadcaster Resources, and Broadcaster Training.

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Recent Work

At Farm Radio International we work with many partners to deliver effective programs to serve smallholder farmers through radio. Check out our recent projects to the right.

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  • CHANGE: Climate Change Adaptation in Northern Ghana Enhanced

    Ghana: CHANGE: Climate Change Adaptation in Northern Ghana Enhanced

    This project is part of the Her Farm Radio initiative While all FRI projects are designed to be […]

  • irishaid2

    Ethiopia: Malawi: Tanzania: Uganda: Innovations to practice through demand-driven participatory farm radio campaigns

    More than ever, farmers, and female farmers in particular, need access to relevant agricultural information to help them plan for and cope with change and to meet the nutrition and food security needs of their families and communities. Further, it is important that farmers have a stronger voice in directing future agricultural research and policies so that they are more demand driven. Although an increasing number of female farmers in rural areas have access to mobile phones and radio, they still face specific challenges in accessing and using the relevant research, knowledge and opportunities they need in order to adapt and stay one step ahead regarding their goal of food and nutrition security for their families. These challenges may be as simple as being denied access to a household radio by males who carry them to fields, or being less able to read and understand extension information. Women have less access to and power over the use of resources such as land. Radio provides a space where men and women can interact, discuss and address these challenges together.

  • Linking farmers to markets in Ghana

    Ghana: Linking farmers to markets in Ghana

    The World Food Programme’s (WFP) Purchase for Progress (P4P) program provides surplus-producing smallholder African farmers with the opportunity […]

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